EA Labs is excited to offer consumables for Perkin Elmer, TA Instruments, Shimadzu, and other manufacturer’s thermal testing equipment through Thermal Support, Inc. Through our partnership, we are able to provide top quality pans, and even replacement parts, quickly and reliably.

Please let us know what your needs are, and we will provide you with a quote.


From Thermal Support, Inc.
  • Made in the USA: We manufacture many of our products here in the United States using only high-quality materials and design.
  • Clean Products Only: You can be sure our pans are clean and ready for use. Our pans have been certified clean by independent lab Veritas Testing & Consulting.
  • Free Samples: Free aluminum product samples are available, just ask! Specialty pan samples are available for a small charge.
  • Custom-Made Products: Whether you are a HIGH VOLUME user or can’t find the products you need, get exactly what you want and save BIG; partner with us to manufacture specialty consumables suited to your needs.


Please fill out the quote section below based on the available options:

Perkin Elmer  TA  Shimadzu  Netzsch  Mettler  Seiko  Other
Aluminum  Platinum  Ceramic  Quartz  Sapphire  Graphite  Other
10  20  40  50  250  500  1,000  Lots of 250  Other
Pan  Lids  Pan/Lid Set  Pressed/Crimped  Pan w/ Stirrup  Hermetic Seal  Tzero  Tzero Light  Cups  Other
PE Universal Crimper  PE Standard Press  SS Capsule Kit  Other


Download our current Consumables Catalog for pricing and additional items.

If you did not see your need in the table above, please contact us through the quote system below, and we will assist you in finding the consumable or part you need.


    Unsure of your needs, please contact us, and we will assist you in identifying the needs of your equipment and experiments!


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