Our History

Initially founded in 2009 as a dream idea of its owner, Kenneth E. Bukowski, Engineering Analytics Laboratories was meant to fill a niche market of laboratory testing services. This niche market was determined by Mr. Bukowski during 2007 while he worked for a research company in Rockledge, FL. At this particular company, many research contracts required third party testing of the resulting solutions or materials, and finding a willing independent testing laboratory was not an easy task. The goal for EA Labs would be to provide a one stop shop for all third part testing by creating a laboratory that would work to meet the needs of other laboratories thereby serving a basic and unfilled need of the industry.

As the Lord lead Mr. Bukowski through the years, the core idea of EA Labs began to slowly adjust and solidify, and the founding capabilities of EA Labs began to center on thermal property testing, services, and consultation. In 2010, a grant through United Space Alliance (USA) and NASA allowed Mr. Bukowski to take a course in small business start ups and entrepreneurship. Following this course, a now former co-worker and friend at USA was instrumental in assisting EA Labs in receiving its first service contract with the University of Central Florida and Dr. Yongo Sohn in the Materials Characterization Facility (MCF).  With this contract, EA Labs was now a functioning company.

In the following years, the company was not able to grow much due to other situations and a small network.  In 2016, Mr. Bukowski and his new wife were led by God to reach out to Mr. Charlie Beine and Thermal Support, Inc., and a new network and relationship was established.  Through this network, EA Labs grew into three pieces of quality used thermal testing equipment, and gained a new resource.  We are very thankful to Mr. Beine for his support, encouragement, and contract leads.

Now, in 2017, EA Labs seeks to grow in ways it has not grown before.  We thank the Lord Almighty for His blessings and directions for us.


Our Executive Manager

Kenneth Bukowski graduated from Florida Institute of Technology in 2007 with a Masters in Chemical Engineering, and his career has been geared toward thermal property testing and business development since that time.  He believes in reaching out to and serving the community by applying his engineering training and administrative abilities to tasks which non-profit organizations often spend money to receive.  A company should always give back to God and community.

Below is a basic overview of his resume from the past decade:


Our Location

EA Labs is based in sunny Palm Bay, Florida.  Our primary mailing address is in the nearby Town of Malabar, FL.