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Engineering Analytics Laboratories (EA Labs) is a full service thermal analysis testing laboratory and service provider.    We seek to partner with our clients, as well as our competitors, to serve their needs and help them grow.  At EA Labs, we pride ourselves on being a high quality, yet low cost, provider of thermal analysis testing, preventative maintenance services, new installation, training, consumables, and consultation.


Thermal Analysis and Testing

Utilizing a PerkinElmer Differential Scanning Calorimeter 7 (DSC7), Thermogravimetric Analyzer 7 (TGA7), and Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer 7e (DMA7e), EA Labs is capable of testing any sample.

Our founder is fully versed and capable of testing any sample and providing expert analysis to our clients.  We emphasize our client relationships to ensure that the experience is courteous, professional, enjoyable, and beyond expectations.

Visit our Testing Services page for additional information.

Preventative Maintenance Services

Along with our testing capabilities, we are pleased to take our experience and knowledge to our client’s facilities and partner in the maintenance of their equipment.  With no limits on distance or number of units, we are pleased to offer this service throughout North America.

Our contracts are customizable and include upfront service, unlimited phone and e-mail support, extra service hours, emergency visits, and a free calibration logbook.  Contracts may also be upgraded to include other services, and all PM service contracts receive automatic discounts for consumables, training, and consultation.

Visit our PM Services page for more information.


Do not use thermal analysis equipment without the proper training!  The stories we can tell!  EA Labs will ensure that you are trained to utilize the equipment, prepare samples, correctly design experiments, and expertly analyze the data.  We will even feed you when we train you!

Visit our Training page for more information.


EA Labs offers brand new, top quality consumables such as pans and lids for all major brands and models of thermal property testing equipment.  Often, the cost of these items is 50% less than the OEM sale price.

Visit our Consumables page for more information.


We are delighted to share our knowledge and understanding with anyone.  Through this program, we can help our clients to design experiments, understand a sample, or analyze the results.


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