PM Services


Basic Service Contract Agreements

Basic PM Service Contracts are not meant for repairs on broken or non-functional equipment.  These are only for general performance servicing.  Minor repairs may be made in order to increase functionality of the equipment.  Any and all repairs/replacement parts must be agreed to by EA Labs and the client, and are not covered under the PM Service Contract Agreement.


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Bonus Features and Available Upgrades:


Customized Service Agreements

If you are in need of one time visits or believe that certain features in the Basic Service Agreement are more than required, take advantage of our exclusive Customized PM Service Agreement!  Tell us only what you need from the following options and we will quote you for only those items.



Optional Upgrades to the Basic Contract:


What Our Competition Typically Offers…

A basic agreement with OEMs can cost around $8,000.00 or more per unit, and you may or may not get a technician with more than a handful of years of experience and training. Many technicians are very good at their job and courteous, but they are limited in their capabilities due to education and experience. Other companies also limit the additional benefits which can be offered with these service contracts, and each contract is a one-size-fits-all agreement. At EA Labs, we recognize that a small research laboratory is very different from a multi-billion dollar per year chemical manufacturing corporation.

Here are some ways that EA Labs is different, and gives you more for your budget:

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