New Installation

As part of our PM Service Agreements, we also offer one time Installation Service Contracts.

Many times, companies purchase used equipment from an after-market retailers, and that equipment does not always come with free professional, on-site installation. Remove the stress of installing equipment with an Installation Service Contract. This contract has only the basics of an annual service contract without the extra costs and features. These contracts may also be easily upgraded to yearly contracts after installation, if desired.

Installation Service

Client’s are required to purchase ancillary items such as gas supplies, filters, cooling equipment, or other items required to operate the unit if those items are not included with the purchased unit. EA Labs will work with our clients to ensure all needs are met before an installation technician is sent to the site.

Please contact us, and EA Labs will have you up and running in no time!

Where Will We Go to Install Equipment?

EA Labs is proud to fly anywhere in the world to install new or used equipment. English is our primary language, but we are also able to communicate in Hindi and Telugu.

What Our Competition Typically Offers…

Manufacturers always install their new equipment. Equipment purchased on the secondary market does not always come with installation, and it is up to the purchaser to install the equipment. For those who find a good deal on LabX or other used equipment retailer, EA Labs’ New Installation service can help set a new owner’s mind at ease. EA Labs technicians will ensure the equipment is installed correctly, calibrated, and validated to the manufacturer’s specifications.

EA Labs is proud to partner with Thermal Support Instruments to provide our clients with valuable used equipment and full installation. Consider purchasing from Thermal Support, and allowing EA Labs to install your new equipment.

Why Choose EA Labs?